Tungsten Carbide Hole Saws

Tungsten Carbide Saws Picture

Tungsten carbide hole saws:

Tungsten carbide hole saws will cut ceramics, bricks, hardwood, concrete, composites, granite slab, asbestos and other abrasive materials that would wear out conventional saws. They have a tough steel body with multiple carbide grits permanently bonded to the teeth. Very efficient at high speeds with base and arbor drills, they prevent binding action and cut smooth holes in the materials up to 65mm thick. They can cut big size holes in those building materials under the economic costs.

The advantage of tungsten carbide hole saws:

1 Superior resistance to heat, wear and abrasion;
2 Unique snag resistant tooth/gullet design results in superior cutting performance;
3 The choice for abrasive or thin material including cast iron, drywall plaster;Stucco,;ceramics, fiberglass, hardwood and composites.