The Superiority of Tungsten Carbide Saws

Tungsten Carbide Saws Picture

Why use tungsten carbide?

Tungsten carbide saws is made of tungsten carbide will remain the advantage of tungsten carbide which is wear resistance, hardness and corrosion.Tungsten carbide, or WC, has a number of unique and impressive characteristics, the most significant being the ability to resist abrasion. It is the hardest metal known to man. Sintered and finished carbide has a combination of compressive strength, extreme hot hardness at high temperatures, and resistance to abrasion, corrosion and thermal shock.

Tungsten carbide has a compressive strength greater than any other metal or alloy and is three times more rigid than steel. Abrasion resistance is up to 100 times greater than steel. Thermal expansion is less than one-half that of steel, and tungsten carbide resists thermal shock and oxidation temperatures up to 1200°F (648.89°C). Tungsten carbide compositions have exceptional resistance to galling and welding at the surface and can withstand cryogenic temperatures to -453°F (-269.44°C) while retaining their toughness and abrasive qualities. Since carbides are nearly chemically inert, they are ideally suited for wear applications in corrosive environments.

The superiority of tungsten carbide saws:

Tungsten carbide saws' durability is excellent and can be in progress cutting operation in high-speed for a long time. Therefore,tungsten carbide saws can improve operational efficiency and reducing the production costs. Welding the hard alloy carbides into the peak by automatic welding machine with high frequency make it a strong impact resistance and a smooth cutting surface, which can improve its cutting ability. Tungsten carbide saws have been produced at or near the top of imports of the product life, the computer's hard disk magnetic alloy processing arm, the electrical industry commutate, glasses frame processing, automotive engine parts processing industries comprehensive import substitution overall alloy saw cutter, reflecting cost effective, quick delivery, and other features.